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Meet Ryan and Kristen

Hello friends and family! We are the Forsythe’s (Kristen and Ryan). We are servants of God, humanity and pretty much anything or anyone that will accept our willingness to give back. A few years ago, we decided we wanted more out of this life. We wanted to serve. We proceeded to go on our first of many mission trips to several countries around the world. This was our niche. Through prayer and blessings, we had found our calling.

Fast forward a few years…..
“Let’s do something to raise awareness for a charity that speaks to our hearts…..”
“Like what?”
“Let’s climb a mountain!
“Which mountain?”
“Something tall and far so people know were serious.” 

We decided to climb one of the tallest mountains in the world…. Mt. Kilimanjaro. Located in Tanzania, Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa and one of the highest 7 summits in the world. We will be taking flight for this adventure in August 2020.

Why are we doing this?

To help the amazing Chances for Children raise awareness about the continued struggle the people of Haiti go through every single day

Chances for Children is an organization whose number one mission is to provide HOPE to the children of Haiti. They do this in various ways including adoption/orphan care, community outreach, women empowerment, education, mobile and medical clinics and various feeding programs. We were fortunate enough to travel to Haiti where we partook in the development and building of a church/ feeding center for the community. Amongst our team was, Kathi Juntunen, who is the founder of C4C. After a couple days of hard labor and building she asked if we would be interested in participating in one of their feeding programs.

We eagerly agreed. C4C partners with Feed My Starving Children who packages manna rice to be delivered to 22 various feeding programs throughout Haiti. We helped to serve that rice along with clean drinking water to almost 200 children that day. We watched as everyone waited patiently, some holding their baby brother or sister in their arms. For most (if not all) that would be their only meal for the day. Their faces are forever engraved into our mind and hearts. For us, this was the moment we fell in love with Haiti. 

Although this was an emotional experience, the amount of love that filled the room is something we will never forget. There was a large language barrier, but we all sang songs, played games and praised God together in the universal language of love. The people, and specifically the children of Haiti, continue to struggle each and every day. With no support or structure within their government, the people continue to suffer. This climb is for them!

With that being said, we can’t do this alone folks. We need your help and support to raise awareness about the continued struggle the people of Haiti go through every single day. We ask you make a donation, in the name of Climbing4Cause and Chances 4Children. No donation is too big or too small.

Help us do our small part in assisting Chances 4 Children in their continued humanitarian efforts in Haiti. With blessings, love and God’s will…..we’ll reach that summit.

All our Love and appreciation,

Ryan and Kristen

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